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BioShock to get novelisation

Levine listed as author?

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Science-fiction and fantasy imprint Tor, which publishes the Halo books, is to publish a BioShock novel this autumn.

That's according to Tor's latest catalogue, seen byGamasutra.

The author of the book is listed as Ken Levine, but Gamasutra is sceptical. "This may simply be because the novel is based on his concepts, rather than his actual writing," it notes, and we'd be inclined to agree, although an anonymous ghost writer isn't out of the question.

That said, Tor has just published a Dragon Age novel by BioWare's lead writer David Gaider, and has an EVE Online novel called EVE: The Burning Life written by CCP's own Hjalti Danielsson planned for later this year.

The Halo novels by Eric Nylund and Joseph Staten have been a big success for Tor, and the publisher is no doubt looking to capitalise on the release of BioShock 2 in late October.

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