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Battlefield 2042 update reworks map, adds vault weapons


Battlefield 2042 Season 2 continues today with the arrival of update 2.1, which most notably reworks the (appropriately named) map Renewal.

DICE has taken the decision "to competely remove certain sections of the map" which it has decided broke the game's "flow" or were simply "too far away".

Getting around the game will be quicker too - as Battlefield adds the Polaris RZR buggy as an in-world vehicle. To my eyes, it looks like a cross between a tank and a golf cart. Why not?

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Other new additions include three weapons from past games, including Battlefield 3's P90, plus the GOL Sniper Magnum and M1911 from Bad Company 2.

The patch also includes hundreds of bug fixes - which you can catch up on in the full patch notes here.

Finally, a new close-quarters event is due in mid-October. Named as "The Liquidators", it will be fully detailed at a later date.

Eurogamer's Battlefield fan Ishraq came away largely impressed by Battlefield 2042's main Season 2 update a month ago. "Despite my positive impressions of what's to come, Battlefield 2042 is in dire need of more content," he wrote at the time. Perhaps this is it?

Just last week, EA exec Vince Zampella admitted Battlefield 2042 "strayed too far from what Battlefield is" and that its developers didn't spend "enough time iterating on what makes that fun".

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