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Bankrupt Mad Catz is somehow back from the dead

Peripheral vision.

A year ago peripheral maker Mad Catz filed for bankruptcy, but today has announced it is back in business under new management.

The new owners are a team in Asia who worked in Mad Catz manufacturing and development before it closed, I've been told. There's also a new chief technical officer, an American chap called Arnie Grever.

"Thankfully this is not a case of a nameless corporation buying the assets and running the brand down," Mad Catz' PR Alex Verrey - former global PR director of the company, though now independent - told me.

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The resurrected Mad Catz will be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week showing off a range of new peripherals. These include a new wireless gaming mouse in the RAT line, a new STRIKE mechanical gaming keyboard and a new FREQ gaming headset - with others new products to be announced.

We dived into the story behind Mad Catz' bankruptcy last year. It was a tale about betting everything on Rock Band 4 - co-publishing as well as peripheral making - and losing.

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