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Bang Bang Racing heads to Android

PS3, Xbox 360 game squeezed onto mobiles.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 racer Bang Bang Racing is being ported to Tegra-powered Android devices.

The chunky-looking title is being shrunk down via the magic of NVIDIA's advanced Tegra processor.

Tegra allows for whizzy graphics and lots more computational power. NVIDIA has dubbed it a "computer-on-a-chip".

Bang Bang Racing offers top-down racing and reminds us of a Micro Machines game, which is no bad thing.

Players control their vehicles by touch, drawing a path on the track for their flashy sports cars to follow.

Those lucky enough to have a Tegra-powered super phone or tablet can nab the title from the Tegra Zone app, a marketplace for games which support the NVIDIA chip.

Developer Playbox Games hopes Bang Bang Racing will launch early next week.

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