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Band of Bugs for Live Arcade

Tactical insects tomorrow.

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This Wednesday's Live Arcade offering will be tactical combat game Band of Bugs.

It's a turn-based strategy affair from old-hand NinjaBee, the same team that gave us Outpost Kaloki X and Cloning Clyde.

Single-player will see you follow the adventures of Maal and his tough-nut insect buddies, as you attempt to rid the kingdom of evil invaders. There's also the option to tackle stand-alone scenarios with custom goals or enter skirmish levels to practice for heated multiplayer mayhem.

The online option comes in four forms, for up to a quartet of you to enjoy: Elimination, where the last team standing wins; Capture, which challenges you to take or keep control of an area; Escape, where you'll have to either get to the end of a map or stop your opponent doing so; and Mission, a scenario made-up of custom goals and objectives.

If that all sounds a bit hectic for you, you'll be able chill things out with up to seven others in a relaxed game of Spider Hunter.

Band of Bugs will be one of the only tactical turn-based offerings on Live Arcade, and will feature the first free built-in level editor the service has seen. Your creations can be tested out in skirmish mode, then used as a custom map to battle your friends over Live.

It looks rather pretty and sports the usual 200 Gamerpoints and leaderboard support.

Band of Bugs will cost you 800 points from Live Arcade starting tomorrow morning.

Head over to our Band of Bugs gallery to get a closer look.

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