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IGF winning surreal puzzler Back to Bed awakens on iOS, Android and Steam

Finally, you can play it in bed.

Last year I wrote about the surreal puzzle game and IGF 2013 Student Showcase winner Back to Bed, and now it's out on iOS and Android for £2.49 / $3.99.

It also came out earlier this month on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam, where it goes for £4.49 / $5.99.

The Danish indie affair tasks players with guiding a somnambulist's subconscious self around a bizarre dreamscape in hopes of getting him to his bed. Back to Bed was successful in its March 2013 Kickstarter where it succeeded its $12K funding goal with a total of $13,312.

"If Salvador Dali, David Lynch and Robert Wiene were all alive and collaborated on a puzzle game together I'd imagine the results would look something like Back to Bed," I wrote about the peculiar puzzler last year.

Cover image for YouTube videoBack to Bed Trailer HQ 2014