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Back from the dead: MX vs. ATV

MX vs. ATV Supercross out next year.

Nordic Games will revive the MX vs. ATV series with a new game set for release in 2014.

MX vs. ATV Supercross is due out during the first half of 2014 for PC, PlayStation 3, Linux, Mac and Xbox 360. The publisher indicated it has the scope of a downloadable game.

Nordic bought the rights to MX vs. ATV after previous IP owner THQ went bust. Now, Nordic has created a new team of former MX vs. ATV staff based in Phoenix, Arizona - where the original development team was based - to resurrect the franchise.

The team will maintain the existing MX vs. ATV Alive and MX vs. ATV Reflex code and bring back as many features from those games as possible, Nordic said, including multiplayer on consoles and Motoclub Depot.

"A lot of the original team members have been aching to continue their passion: building the most authentic off-road racing games possible," said executive producer Ken George. "The hiatus is over, and the team is back to work on MX vs. ATV with great new things to come."

In August 2011 THQ - before it shut down - canned the MX vs. ATV franchise. The last THQ-published game in the series was MX vs. ATV Alive, which launched earlier that year but failed to set tills alight.

In early 2013 Nordic emerged as the surprise owner of Darksiders, Red Faction, the ill-fated uDraw, MX vs. ATV, Destroy All Humans, Summoner and many more franchises following the THQ IP auction. The company bought the lot for just $4.9 million.

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