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Baby Steps is a man-baby walking sim out next year from Devolver

Great strides for gamers everywhere.

At the Devolver Direct showcase, the publisher announced brand new game Baby Steps, from the developer behind Ape Out and Getting Over It.

It is, quite literally, a walking simulator and features adult man-baby Nate (not of the Drake variety) learning how to walk.

Nate, you see, is unemployed and lives with his parents, spending his time nestled in front of the television until he's sucked into a fantasy world inside the screen.

Baby Steps | 2024 Watch on YouTube

To an extent it's relatable stuff - I know I definitely spend too long staring at screens, and I wouldn't be surprised if this game was conceived in reaction to lockdown during the pandemic.

But then the game includes a "fully dynamic onesie soilage system", a sentence I never want to read again.

The actual game will involve a trek up a mountain players can explore at their own pace, with a fully-simulated physics based walking system that puts Sam Porter-Bridges to shame.

Intriguingly, Baby Steps will also feature a dynamic soundtrack comprising 420 "beats and vibes", presumably in time to each tumbling step.

Baby Steps will be released across PC and consoles in 2024.

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