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Avatar Kinect video details tech

Free for XBL Gold members this spring.

Microsoft took the lid off of its curious face-tracking Xbox 360 communication service Avatar Kinect this week.

The tech, which was first revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show last month, lets gamers control their Xbox Live Avatars using Kinect and their face.

Kinect translates facial movements, such as smiles and raised eyebrows, into Avatar animations.

Avatar Kinect will launch this spring free of charge to Xbox Live Gold members.

Website Techflash was at Microsoft's headquarters for n Avatar Kinect demo, and published a video on the internet.

15 different stages are available for users to pick from and use Avatar Kinect, ranging from kids themed stages to broadcast and performance stages. Avatar Kinect lets you join sessions and chat with others to create shows that can later be uploaded and shared with others.

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