Avatar Kinect


Avatar Kinect out now

8 achievements, 50 gamerscore.

Out This Week - 29/07/11

From Dust! Avatar Chat! Smurfs!

Avatar Kinect out next week report

Social service to be Fun Labs download.

Avatar Kinect out now

8 achievements, 50 gamerscore.

Out This Week - 29/07/11

From Dust! Avatar Chat! Smurfs!

Avatar Kinect out next week  report

Social service to be Fun Labs download.

How MS will make XBL and Kinect better

"Everything will be drastically improved."

Avatar Kinect out "later this spring"

Nothing to do with James Cameron.

360 dash update due this month  report

New disc format, Avatar Kinect incoming.

Avatar Kinect video details tech

Free for XBL Gold members this spring.

Video | How Avatar Kinect reads your face

The tech behind Microsoft's chat app.

Microsoft announces Avatar Kinect

Host your own chat show on Xbox Live.