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Auto-upload of screenshots and videos to mobile coming to PS5

UPDATE: PS App update officially on the way.

UPDATE 24/02/22: Sony is officially rolling out its update to the PS App to allow PS5 players to auto-upload screenshots to their mobile device.

A tweet from the official account includes a video explaining the feature. It should now be available in the Americas, with other countries due next month.

ORIGINAL STORY 26/01/22: A PS5 update is adding the ability to auto-upload screenshots and videos to the PlayStation mobile app.

A beta of the app feature was previously tested in select regions, but now appears to be rolling out globally.

So far, users in North America have reported seeing the feature, but other countries are expected to follow.

The update means screenshots and videos are automatically uploaded to the mobile app, once the feature is enabled. From there, they can be edited and shared.

It means users will no longer need to share media to socials to access on their phones.

The Xbox consoles already have a similar feature, so it's about time Sony caught up.

When available, a pop-up should appear on the screenshot app on the PS5 console offering to enable the feature. "Automatically upload your latest screenshots and video clips, and view them on PlayStation App," it reads.

We'll update this story once the app is officially launched in other countries.

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