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Sony testing PS5 beta for easy screenshot sharing in PS mobile app

So far only in Japan and Canada.

Sony is testing a limited-release beta for PS5 players to share screenshots and clips through the PlayStation app.

The app update will make it far easier for users to access their game media on their phone to share straight to social media, rather than sharing directly from the console with its awkward typing function.

Unfortunately, the beta is only available in Japan and Canada for the moment, but PS5 owners in those countries can download the updated app on both iOS and Android.

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Once enabled, the PS5 will automatically upload all captures to the cloud. They'll then be available to access on the mobile app for 14 days. From there they can be shared on social media, or directly with PSN friends and party members in the app.

Screenshots saved will only be those specifically captured by the user - Trophy moment auto-captures thankfully won't clog up the cloud upload. Videos must be under three minutes long and won't be available in 4K. Video clips will also include audio from a player's microphone, if enabled.

For full information, visit the PlayStation website.

This is just a test for Sony at present, but as PS5 users have been requesting an easy option for screenshot sharing - more in-line with the Xbox, or even Switch, offerings - it's hoped this beta will see worldwide release soon. Sony is yet to confirm.