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Auto Assault a write-off

NCsoft turns off engine.

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NCsoft will be terminating all services for MMO Auto Assault on 31st August, and sending it to the great garage in the sky.

The announcement sprung up on the official website, where the publisher is promising to reconcile money issues with those of you who've paid to play past 31st July.

Unfortunately NCsoft was unavailable for comment at the time of writing, but the website suggests more information concerning the ins and outs of it all will be available soon.

Developed by NetDevil, Auto Assault was released in the middle of 2006 to favourable reviews. It was based in a post-apocalyptic setting that offered persistent world lovers the chance to swap pointy-ears for Mad Max-style vehicles, describing itself as "the fastest, most destructive MMO ever".

Despite all this, it failed attract the numbers enjoyed by NCsoft's other titles City of Heroes and Lineage II, eventually resulting in a merge of the US and European servers last summer. However, this appears not to have helped a great deal, and Auto Assault is now at the end of the road. Ahem.

Keep your eyes on the official website for any special events to mark its passing.

Alternatively pop into our Auto Assault review for a trip down memory lane.

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