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Atari releasing giftable "surprise" NFT lootboxes to celebrate 50th anniversary

Happy birthday?

Giftable Atari NFTs are being released for the company's 50th anniversary.

Produced by Republic Realm, active developers in the metaverse and NFT ecosystem, the "GFTs" are giftable NFTs that "unwrap" on a specific date with a "surprise" inside.

There are 10 GFTs available in the Atari collection inspired by its 50 years in the gaming industry, with some more rare than others.

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According to the roadmap on the collection website, the GFTs will unwrap on a specific date where users will find out if theirs is "common", "rare", or "epic". As more GFTs are bought, access to more is granted, on top of game competitions and leaderboards as the "metaverse" grows.

In essence, this is seemingly combining two of the worst trends in gaming from recent memory: NFTs and loot boxes.

"What better way to commemorate Atari's 50th anniversary than by ushering in a new era of technological innovation while also honouring the brand that launched the modern video game industry?" said Wade Rosen, CEO of Atari.


Janine Yorio, CEO of Republic Realm, describes the GFTs as "like Hallmark Cards for the next generation, a more exciting, meaningful gift than either a greeting card or a gift certificate." Sure, Jan.

The Atari GFT Commemorative Collection will be available from 1st February. But Republic Realm isn't stopping there: the Atari collection is just the first project based on a beloved brand to feature in its GFT Shoppe, a "metaverse-based e-commerce platform and retail store".