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Arty survival badger game Shelter gets a gameplay video

Den graphics.

Forget survival horror - let's talk about survival badger.

Indie dev Might and Magic, maker of Pid, wants to recreate the dangerous world a mother badger and her set live in. But until this gameplay trailer we had little idea what kind of game that would translate into.

Now we can see mother badger creep tentatively around a wood with a set of whickering cubs. She hides in the swaying grass from encircling predatory birds above. She can sneak around, pouncing on unaware foxes, and she can ram trees for the fruits they provide.

She must keep her cubs safe and fed but as they grow they become braver and more likely to leave her side to investigate for themselves.

That's all wrapped up in an angular stylised world, accompanied by calm but gently menacing music.

Shelter's due out on PC and Mac sometime this year. It's campaigning for release on Steam via Steam Greenlight now.

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