Modern Warfare best guns explained: Our best assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, SMG and LMG weapon recommendations

The best weapons you should aim for in multiplayer.

Having to learn what the Modern Warfare best guns are is the first obstacle to overcome in your pursuit to greatness in ranked play.

If you end up running around with the wrong weapon then even the fastest reflexes won't guarantee you a win - that's why you'll want to know exactly what to use in each class.

You can expect everyone else to have this knowledge as well, so don't put yourself at a disadvantage without knowing the best weapons in Modern Warfare ahead of time.

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If you're looking for more info about weapons, we have a list of the best Warzone loadouts, as well as how Modern Warfare Blueprints work.

What are the best guns in Modern Warfare?

The Seasons change far faster in Modern Warfare than in real life, and each one brings with it new weapons, tweaks, and potential meta changes.

Season 4 has brought with it two new weapons and a slew of changes. Alas, that means that the best weapon is no longer the M4A1, but the Grau 5.56.

The Grau 5.56 is our pick for the best weapon in Modern Warfare.

While the Grau was initially very powerful, it's really come into its own after some small tweaks across the seasons, or at least it seems that way, we don't get actual patch notes on weapon changes. It could just be that the meta has changed and Grau is stronger now.

Pairing this with either a short-range weapon like a submachine gun or shotgun, or going along with the long-range options like a sniper rifle, results in a powerful strategy.

Otherwise, the biggest change to our list with the introduction of Season 4 comes because of the M4A1 changes. It's a little sad to see the painfully accurate weapon falling off of the charts, but it's always good to see something new take its place... even if it is another assault rifle.

The M4A1 is still valid - it's just no longer the best.

Beyond that - which weapons are the best in class? This page goes into it in detail - but first, let's look at the two new Season 4 additions...

How good are the new CR-56 AMAX and Fennec?

Before we get into the best of each class, let's look at the most recent new additions with the arrival of Season 4 first:

CR-56 AMAX analysis

How to unlock the CR-56 AMAX: Reach tier 31 of the Season 4 battle pass

It feels a bit like we get a new assault rifle every other day, and it's a brave category to add any budding new weapon into given how good the best ones are.

Well, the CR-56 AMAX is a decent enough AR, but it's not the best by any stretch. Perhaps the best thinking about this new weapon is the mix of fire rate and recoil. It hits a little faster than some of the others, but the recoil doesn't suffer despite that. It's a good weapon, but not a great one.


Fennec analysis

How to unlock the Fennec: Reach tier 15 of the Season 4 battle pass

The Fennec fires bullets at a rate that is completely unrivalled in Modern Warfare. It spits out a whopping 1100 rounds per minute, and, despite that, has a very controllable recoil as well.

However, it's let down a lot by a very small 25 round magazine as standard, which means that you'll spend nearly as much time reloading it as you do actually firing the thing. It can't compete with the more established SMGs as a result, despite its impressive stats.


Now then, let's dive into each of the classes to see why each of these guns is worth talking about:

Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare recommendation: Grau 5.56

How to unlock the Grau 5.56: Eliminate five players with an assault rifle in a minute, 25 times.

Alas, spare a moment for the M4A1, a king among kings, but struck down from the throne by the almighty Grau 5.56.

Despite it seeming as though the M4A1 would be in power forever, it turns out that a mix of nerfs, buffs, and other tweaks mean that the Grau 5.56 is the best assault rifle in Modern Warfare now.


It's great even at a base level, but kitted out with the right attachments becomes an absolute monster.

It's range rivals that of a marksman rifle, and its accuracy is surprisingly laser-like too.

It's just a very strong weapon, and that's why it's the best assault rifle in Modern Warfare, and probably the best gun in Warzone too.

(If you're looking to use it in Warzone - which we highly recommend - our best Warzone loadouts can give you specific attachments to try out.)

Best Sniper Rifle in Modern Warfare recommendation: AX-50

How to unlock the AX-50: Reach Character Level 37

Snipers have the AX-50, which isn't unlocked until far later in the progression but has incredible stopping power. More often than not a single shot from it will put an enemy down and it has good mobility when compared to the other options.

This makes it a great choice for people who like to fire once and then move to a new position.


Best Marksman Rifle in Modern Warfare recommendation: MK2 Carbine

How to unlock the MK2 Carbine: Reach Character Level 15

The MK2 Carbine is a particularly powerful marksman rifle and is a good choice if you want to try something a little bit different. It is, however, a rather slow firing, so you'll want to make sure you fit the title of marksman if you're going to use it.


Best Shotgun in Modern Warfare recommendation: 725

How to unlock the 725: Reach Character Level 17

If you prefer close-range combat, then the 725 Shotgun offers formidable stopping power with a surprising range. It's double-barreled and has a fairly tight spread when firing too, this allows it's effective range to be much higher than most shotguns and makes it far more versatile as a result.


Best SMG in Modern Warfare recommendation: MP5

How to unlock the MP5: Reach Character Level 12

On the other hand, the MP5 SMG is an excellent option if you're not as confident in your ability to hit a target at close-range but still like to tussle. While it lacks the speed of the MP7 it has a bit more oomph behind each bullet and offers an easy-to-manage recoil as well. A great choice for enclosed spaces.


Looking for multiplayer help? Learn the best guns in Modern Warfare, how to access Modern Warfare Hardcore modes and Modern Warfare Ground War. Finally, there's the story, with a handful of Modern Warfare campaign missions to complete, as well as how to kill a Juggernaut in Modern Warfare.

Best LMG in Modern Warfare recommendation: M91

How to unlock the M91: Reach Character Level 25

Finally, the M91 LMG sacrifices mobility in favour of pure stopping power and even has a substantial range to boot. Just keep in mind that trying to use it in a close-quarters battle is likely to lead to you losing your life.

As it stands, it's very hard to recommend any LMG over any of the other weapon classes, but the option is there if you want it.


Best non-traditional weapon in Modern Warfare recommendation: Crossbow

How to unlock the Crossbow: Get 5 kills in 25 different matches using a marksman rifle with a reflex optic

Technically speaking, the Crossbow is part of the Marksman Rifle family. That means mid-long range and a focus on accuracy above all.

It can be tricky using one of these rifles anyway, but the Crossbow is particularly challenging to master due to its slow wind up on each shot. However, it does also tend to be a one-hit kill, and you can even upgrade it to use special bolts for even more impact.

The fact the Crossbow is silent makes it useful if you are willing to put the time in to master it - but it's a rather hard sell compared to the other weapons due to its sluggish nature.


That should be plenty of firepower to keep you going. And if you want to fast track your way to certain armaments, learning about Modern Warfare Blueprints can help.

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