Apex Legends Nessy locations - how to spawn the Loch Ness monster easter egg

Apex Legends' cute-but-tricky Loch Ness monster easter egg explained.

Nessy locations are dotted around the Apex Legends map in a total of ten different places and, after a bit of sleuthing from fans online, it turns out interacting with them in the right way can spawn you a pretty neat easter egg.

Here, we'll run through all ten Nessy locations in a handy map, which also tackles which ones to go for in what order, and explain all you need to know about how to spawn the Loch Ness monster in Apex Legends - prepare yourself though, you're in for a bit of a challenge!

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Apex Legends Nessy locations and Nessy order

There are ten Nessy locations in Apex Legends - let's start with the map (mysteriously posted on reddit from a since-deleted account) for where to find each of them.


When you find one, you can expect them to look like this:


Here's another quick example, of the one over by Relay:


And finally a third one, just in case!


Here's a video by YouTuber TheGamingRevolution running through all of the locations specifically, so you can see them:

Season 5 is here, including a new Legend, Seer! Other guides include our Apex Legends Tier List, a Heirloom Shards explainer, as well as a whopping list of Apex Legends tips and tricks.

How to spawn the Loch Ness moster Apex Legends easter egg and other things to know about Nessies

There are a few things to know when actually trying to complete the easter egg challenge itself, which was first solved rather mysteriously on reddit, from an account which posted the complete map of locations (after several had been discovered by players), before that account was then promptly deleted afterwards.

For starters, what you actually need to do is shoot (and destroy) each of the little green Loch Ness monster plushie toys - or Nessies - one at a time. Once you've shot all ten, go to a specific spot and you'll be able to see your reward: a giant Loch Ness monster that rises up out of the water to greet you - and then drifts away again soon after.

Splitting up is probably the only way you can get this done.

You need to shoot all of them in order, however - in fact, only one will spawn at a time; the next Nessy won't appear until you've shot the previous one.

That means it's pretty tough to do, especially over the course of one fairly brief round, with circle closing in on you and of course other players to think about as well while you're at it. Here's the best method we've encountered so far.

How to spawn the Loch Ness monster easter egg in Apex Legends

  • Get a full squad of three of you, with microphones at the ready.
  • Split up into three: one of you takes numbers 1, 3, and 6 on the above map; another takes 2, 5 and 9, and another takes 4, 7, 8 and 10.
  • Grab some weapons and some health, and then start shooting those Nessies. As soon as you've shot one, call it out to your squad.
  • There'll also be a note in the kill feed in the top right, which says "A Nessy has spawned..." which tells you the next one has appeared.
  • Once all 10 have been shot, head to where number 10 was and look out to the east, over the water: that's where your reward, the giant Loch Ness monster (or maybe dinosaur?) will rise up out of the water and appear.
  • Remember to keep topping up on health when you're outside of the enclosing play area, and that shields don't protect you against damage from the circle!
  • Note that melee attacks won't work - you specifically have to shoot the Nessies to get them.
  • And finally remember that you can jump solo straight away from the jumpmaster phase - you don't need to wait for the jumpmaster to go first then break away - and likewise you can use the big redeploy balloons dotted around the map to help get around faster, too!

Interestingly, this Nessy easter egg actually dates back to the developer Respawn's first game in this universe, Titanfall, and the little dino plushies made plenty of appearances in Titanfall 2's world as well. There doesn't seem to be any real explanation for it, at least that we've found so far, but it's cute to see the tradition carrying on!

If we find out any more about this easter egg - or indeed any others - we'll be sure to explain all.

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