This article explains how to tackle Darkbeast Paarl in Bloodborne, following on from The One Reborn and gain the Yellow Backbones.

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This next boss is a very quick and very nimble opponent, but otherwise isn't too much of a problem to take down. The main challenge when it comes to killing the Darkbeast Paarl comes down to your current level. If you fight the boss when you first have the chance to do so, you'll find it considerably trickier than if you come back a little later on.

How to kill the Darkbeast Paarl

When you think you're reading for the fight, stick close to the Darkbeast Paarl until you see it charging up an attack. When it stands still and you see the electricity juice up, run far away to avoid the area-of-effect damage attack that's about to be launched.

Should you stand directly in front of the monster you can expect to have your face swiped by its claws. If you can anticipate these deadly attacks, you should be able to dodge forwards to avoid them altogether. Once you're beneath the creature, attack as hard and fast as you can. Fire Paper can be useful for boosting your damage here, but don't get greedy, and keep one eye out for the Darkbeast Paarl's area-of-effect attacks at all times.

As soon as you've done a certain amount of damage to the boss, it'll lose the electric effect. This signifies another opportunity to dish out lots of damage. When it gets back up, it will start attacking for a while before becoming prone once more to charge up the electricity again. Use these moments of downtime to do plenty of damage against the Darkbeast.

Just keep repeating this pattern for as long as it takes for the creature to fall to the floor. When it's dead, open up the door in order to create a handy short-cut with Old Yharnam (right by the Blood-Starved Beast boss), then interact with the Graveyard of the Darkbeast lamp.

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