This article explains how to explore the Lecture Building in Bloodborne, following on from Darkbeast Paarl.

If you're interested in more advice, our complete Bloodborne walkthrough and for the DLC our The Old Hunters guide and walkthrough can help.

Once you've finished with The One Reborn, go upstairs and then look at the mummy when you reach it - this'll whisk you off to the Lecture Building. Should you have been unfortunate enough to get pinched by the Giant Building at Unseen Village, you might recognise this location from before.

How to kill Graduates in Bloodborne

First of all, light up the Lecture Building 2nd Floor lamp, then walk through the door. This next area is full of enemies called Graduates. They've got a long reach, but aren't particularly tough to take down. You won't be able to stun them very easily either, but they're pretty slow and easy to manage all things considered.

Start by killing the Graduates just after the door, but watch out for the enemies further ahead as they can shoot from range. When you get to the end of this section, go right where you should be able to spot a Reaper. Once it's dead, take a right and kill the Graduates. There's a corpse to the rear of these creatures that holds a Blood Stone Chunk.

If you pass through the first door directly over from the lamp room, you can get half a dozen Sedatives from the corpse. Be aware that you'll be attacked by a Graduate as you attempt to leave the room - use a Pebble to draw it down and then dispatch it.

Go from the lamp room and take a left, then walk down the first corridor on your left. Go through the door when you reach the end of this section, then look right to where another Graduate is waiting to attack from the ceiling. Use a Pebble once more, kill it, then keep going along the balcony to where another Graduate awaits. Kill the enemy, then read the note.

Carry on through the next door, then go through the next door along until you're back in the main hall, Take a left, then go through the door on your left where another note can be found on a table. Ignore the glowing door in front of you for now - it leads to the Nightmare of Mensis region, but our first port of call is the Nightmare Frontier.

Where to find the Communion rune

Go back to that spot where the Reaper was, then look right towards a new door. Go through it, enter the next room, then go over the balcony and through the next door along until you come to a chest. Open it and take the Communion rune.

Return to the Reaper's old spot, then go down the ladder that's in the corner. Hit the Mutant Spider at the door once, then retreat quickly to avoid the spawning portal. Next, talk to that spider to unlock the Beg for Life gesture. Keep talking to the creature until you've got the Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis rune as well.

Go through the next door along, then through the next door. Just be ready for the portal that spawns as you enter. Light the Lecture Building lamp (first floor), then leave the way you came in and carry on down the corridor.

How to get the Lecture Theatre Key equipment items

Walk through the next door you come to on your left, then keep heading forwards through the next door you come to. Deal with the Graduate up ahead of you, then take the Lecture Theatre Key from the corpse over on the right. Take the Student Uniform and Student Trousers from the other nearby corpse.

Carry on through the door on the other side of the room to return to an earlier section. Go halfway along the corridor on your right, then through the first door on your left. As you open it, you'll be attacked by a load of Graduates - just pull back a little and deal with them one by one.

Once the assault is over, go inside the room and kill the Graduates on your right. Now go through the right-hand door, and take the Augur of Ebrietas from the chest in the next room along. There's another door to the chest's right. This will take you back to the previous section. From here, go to the opposite end of the hallway and then through the purple door to reach Nightmare Frontier.

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