This article explains how to kill The One Reborn and gain the Yellow Backbones in Bloodborne, following on from the Bell Callers and the Tiny Tonitrus.

If you're interested in more advice, our complete Bloodborne walkthrough and for the DLC our The Old Hunters guide and walkthrough can help.

Before getting started on the fight with The One Reborn itself, go over to the corner in the far left and then head upstairs until you're on the second level up. You'll find three Bell Callers hanging around up here, so kill them all, then go over the bridge and to the other side where another three are hanging around. While you're tidying up the trash, be aware that the boss will fling projectiles at you and try to swipe you - just keep an eye on his attacks while you take care of business.

How to kill The One Reborn

When all of the Bell Callers are dead, head back to the ground floor and be ready to start attacking The One Reborn. As soon as you see a ball start forming above its head, you can expect a ranged attack to come your way. Just be ready to dodge away from this damage, as well as the damage caused when the boss starts dropping bits of body on you - nice.

Should the boss freeze at any moment and look as though it's about to spit, make your way to one side and get on the stairs. This nasty vomiting attack can cause damage over a pretty large area, but it won't get as far as the stairs unless the boss is right by them at the moment of attack.

You'll also see the boss glow red during the latter stages of the fight. When you see this, make sure you run as far from your opponent as possible, as another area-of-effect attack is about to start. It will do a huge amount of damage to you if you get caught up in it, so make sure there's a good bit of distance between the two of you when it happens.

Once these attacks have finished, run straight back in and attack the lower section of The One Reborn's body. Keep in mind though that the boss will try to use its legs to kick out at you - thankfully, there's lots of space between its legs to keep whacking away. If you want to avoid its legs altogether, simply get directly in front or to the rear of the creature. Just keep dodging and attacking until you've beaten the boss and you've looted the Yellow Backbones from the corpse.

Light the Advent Plaza lamp

When you're done, interact with the Advent Plaza lamp, then make your way back to Hunter's Dream. If you want to tackle the Darkbeast Paarl boss fight, head back to Yahar'gul, Unseen Village.

From here, go straight on, then around the right-hand corner and down the stairs. Keep heading along to the right of the big staircase in front of you, then go around the corner until you reach the end of the path. Go down the next set of stairs, then take the right-hand door.

Kill the Undead Hound patrolling around down here, then walk through the door on your right, before going upstairs and killing the next Undead Hound. Take the Blood Stone Chunks from over in the corner, then go back to the first room you came into.

Head through the left-hand cell, then go into the next room and take the Blood Stone Chunks. Now go through the gap on your right, jump down onto the path below you, and take a left to start the fight with the Darkbeast Paarl.

- For help defeating the Darkbeast Paarl, take a look at the next section of our walkthrough.

- You can find the rest of our Bloodborne walkthrough from the first page of this article.

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