This article explains how to find the Bell Callers, kill the Hunters, find the Tiny Tonitrus in Bloodborne, following on from the Shock Hunter.

If you're interested in more advice, our complete Bloodborne walkthrough and for the DLC our The Old Hunters guide and walkthrough can help.

When you're back at the Yahar'gul lamp, head down the stairs to your left, but just be aware that things work a little differently in this region of the game. Shortly after killing enemies in this section, they'll re-spawn quite soon after, and regardless of whether you've returned to Hunter's Dream or not. If you want to stop this happening, you'll need to find the nearby Bell Caller - kill it to prevent this mass-resurrection. Until you've done so, avoid hanging around in one place for too long, or you'll have to repeat your hard work.

How to stop enemies re-spawning in Yahar'gul

You'll find a pack of enemies at the bottom of the left-hand stairs, with a second group waiting at the bottom of the next stairway. You'll also have to deal with a Giant Being, which hovers around this second staircase. Watch out for its portal attack, which will whisk you off to a hidden area if you get caught up in it - this is the creature that's been preparing the portals you spotted earlier.

The best way to deal with this tricky situation is to wait until the first pack of enemies has wandered off towards the second load of stairs. When they've left, go downstairs and then head along the path to the right where you can get a Blood Stone Chunk off a corpse. As you make your way towards it, you'll pass another staircase. Return to it when you're done looting, make your way down, and then go around the corner on your left.

Take the Iron Yahar'gul Helm from its location at the bottom of the stairs, but be aware of the Wheelchair Blunder waiting over on the left. Kill it when you're done looting, then deal with his Henchman friend on the stairs. Finally, go back to the previous area you were in.

Find the Bell Callers in Yahar'gul, Unseen Village

To deal with those packs of enemies, try to lure them back from the stairs and kill two or three of them. Next, run to the building at the very bottom of the stairs, then head right and go upstairs. You'll find the Bell Caller at the top - kill her quickly, then deal with the remaining enemies.

Enter the first cell and take the Bolt Damp Blood Gem items from the corpse over in the left-hand corner. Now go back downstairs and head through the door on your left. Keep heading down the stairs in front of you, then go into the gap on your left through the damaged wall.

As soon as you pass through it, a Henchman will appear and start attacking you. The Bell Caller is in the cell on your right, and you'll find the entrance towards the end of the corridor. Go into the opening, then reverse out straight away and fight the Henchman.

Go further down the hall to fight a Brute, but do so far down the corridor in case that Henchman re-spawns on top of you. Go around the corner until you come to a corpse that has the Heir rune on it - this rewards you with extra Blood Echoes for visceral attacks.

Go around the nearest cell until you come to a door. Go through it, but ignore the Wheelchair Blunder and the Henchmen until you've located the Bell Caller and killed her. When she's dead, deal with the rest of the enemies, then search the cells for more items. Making sure you also open the door near the Bell Caller's location so you have a handy shortcut.

How to get the Tiny Tonitrus

Head through the door on the lower level and then make your way downstairs. Take a right at the bottom to find two possible paths. You can either head straight on, or go up the stairs to your left. If you go straight on you'll be able to get a Tiny Tonitrus item, but you'll have to kill quite a few enemies to get there, then fight them again on the way back. If you'd rather grab this later on, just ignore the next couple of paragraphs.

Moving straight ahead, you'll eventually encounter a load of Old Hags - pull them back to the corridor to fight them one at a time. When they're dead, take the stairs on your right down and go around the corner. Now cross the bridge and enter the building ahead. Back out when the Brute ambushes so you don't attract the attention of his friends, then kill him.

When he's dead, circle around the left-hand cell so that you can catch a Wheelchair Blunder by surprise. Finally, kill the remaining Brute by the chest. Open it to get the Tiny Tonitrus. Return to the spot where the path split earlier, fighting any enemies you encounter along the way.

Go upstairs, but be prepared to fight one of those Giant Beings - this time firing a laser - and another load of Old Hags. You'll see the Giant Being plot the area affected by the laser before it's actually fired, so use this guide to both protect your own character, and drag the other enemies into its area-of-effect for bonus damage.

Head up the stairs and quickly take the Blood Stone Chunk, before legging it down the central stairs on the other side of this area. Go inside the next building you come to, light the Yahar'gul Chapel lamp, then go through the door that's on your left.

Go to the very end of the path and don't worry about the stairs on your right for now. Take the stairs down, then hang back a bit until the Hound comes wandering along. Kill it, then go around the corner and kill the next Hound. Go back to those stairs you ignored a moment ago and head towards the end of the platform. Jump down by the Henchman, kill him, then take the Frenzied Coldblood from the corpse.

Jump down to the next section below, then take a left when you reach the stairs and kill the Bell Caller quickly. Doing so will stun the nearby Henchmen and Brute. Use a Charge Attack on the Brute, then finish off the pair of Henchmen. You may have a third Henchman join the fight while all this is going on, so keep your wits about you.

How to kill the three Hunters in Yahar'gul

Go into the next part of the region and take the Blood Vials from the corpse. Carry on into the next building, then go down to the lower section to your right. You'll have to deal with a Hunter who summons a pair of assistants down here. The Hunter uses the Stake Driver, his first friend has a Threaded Cane, and the final enemy wields a Rifle Spear and Cannon.

You don't want to fight all three at the same time, so turn all the way around and go back to the lamp. This should ensure you only have to fight one Hunter at a time, so just keep pulling them back as you kill them one by one. You'll find fast weapons particularly effective against all three opponents - they dodge quite a bit and you'll only have a small window of opportunity for counter-attacks.

You should wait for each one to attack you before you attack back at them. Try to interrupt a combo so they don't have the option to dodge away from your assault. Make sure you dodge left or right when darting away from their own damage, as their weapons have quite a long reach. You'll get a Clawmark Rune from the first Hunter, 20 Quicksilver Bullets from the second, and a Madman's Knowledge from the cane-wielding creature. There's also a nearby corpse containing a Moon rune.

Carry on through the next door ahead, but don't pick a fight with the Skull Plant just yet. For now, go right to create a shortcut to an optional boss fight with the Darkbeast Paarl. Go down the corridor and then head downstairs. Search the corpses for some useful items, then open up the door to set up the shortcut. We've got a guide to fighting the Darkbeast Paarl elsewhere in this walkthrough, but for now go back upstairs and around the corner.

Head up the next set of stairs in front of you until you come to a gun-toting Henchman. Finish him, then go up the stairs and finish the Bell Caller lurking around to the left. With her taken care of, you can explore the area a little more freely.

Go down the stairs you came up and then take a right. Destroy the Henchmen, then get on the lift. This takes you back to the region near the Yahar'gul lamp - another handy shortcut. Go back down the lift, then take the path to your right, then go around the corner on your left. Now go down the right-hand path, kill both Henchmen, then take the items from the corpse. Finally, go back down the stairs and head to the right along a new corridor.

Kill the Imp as fast as you can, then go upstairs and open up the door at the top. This will create a shortcut that leads back to where you fought the three Hunters. Head back to the area with the glowing corpse, but don't touch it at all or you'll have damaged inflicted against you. Go down the stairs, back to where that Skull Plant was, but again don't kill it for now. Instead, go away from it, and then look down the left-hand path to find another Skull Plant.

How to kill the Skull Plants in Bloodborne

Hit it from behind, then immediately get out of range to avoid the counter-attack - this plant packs a seriously mean punch with each attack. Wait until it tries to tumble onto you, then go in and hit it quickly before it rights itself again.

When it's dead, have a good rummage around in the nearby corpses to get some useful items. Go back to the main path when you're done, where you should be able to see a whole load of Skull Plants. Head towards the item by the carriage, but be ready for a plant ambush. Kill the creature, then take the Blood Stone Chunk from the corpse.

Keep heading forwards and use Pebbles to draw the remaining Skull Plants to you individually. When they're dead, take the Tonitrus weapon from the corpse. Once you've got it, head off in the opposite direction, then go downstairs towards the first Skull Plant you saw.

How to get hold of the Yahar'gul Black equipment

Make sure you take the Yahar'gul Black Trousers, Yahar'gul Black Gloves, Yahar'gul Black Garb and Black Hooded Iron Helm from the corpses here, then go up the stairs on your left. You should find another corpse up here with Frenzied Coldblood on it.

When you've hoovered all of this loot up, go into the next section, but watch out for the Henchman on the bridge. There's a Bell Caller on the other side of this area, and a Skull Plant just to your left. Go up the stairs to the rear of the Skull Plant, but leave the corpse for now as the plant will be chasing you. Go up the stairs towards the bridge, finish the Henchman, then get over the bridge and kill the Undead Beast. These enemies are very similar to the Nether Beasts, but they have a larger health pool.

Take the Blood Vials from the corpse on your left after going over the bridge, then take the stairs to your left. Ignore the bath in the centre of this room for now, and instead go through the door on your left, then head over the bridge and kill the Bell Caller before killing the Henchman.

Go back to the first bridge but don't head over it just yet. Take the door to your left instead, then walk to the end of the corridor. Go downstairs and kill the gun-wielding Henchman and another one of those Undead Beasts. When they're both dead, take the items from the corpse.

Go along the corridor and then enter the next area where the Skull Plants are waiting. Go back to that teleporting bath, then kill the pair of Hounds waiting outside. Go out and take a right, then head down the stairs and smash the Imp up before it can escape. Carry on down the stairs, then head around the corner and kill the Undead Beast. Take the Blood Stone Chunk from the corpse.

Use that bath teleporting device again, then head down the ladder where the Bell Caller used to be. Jump down onto the ground, then take a left to get a Madman's Knowledge from the corpse. Carry on all the way along to start a cut-scene which precedes a fight with The One Reborn.

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