Super Mario Bros. in New York? No, this isn't New Donk City. Nor is it that regrettable Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper film. Instead, we've got software developer Abhishek Singh recreating Nintendo's most iconic level, Super Mario Bros. World 1-1, reimagined as an augmented reality game in Hololens.

Using Microsoft's AR headset, Singh has recreated each obstacle from Shigeru Miyamoto's perennial classic and projected them as holograms in Central Park. Of course, only the wearer of the headset will see them. Everyone else sees a man in a costume randomly jumping and shooting invisible fireballs at imaginary enemies. No one seems perturbed by this though, because it's New York.

Singh's prototype obviously doesn't quite turn Central Park into the Mushroom Kingdom as the actual geography of the place doesn't align with the pipes and pits of World 1-1, so the player can simply walk around the comically high obstacles, but it's still a novel piece of fan service. Now imagine if this tech was set to a space designed just for it! The mind reels.

For more on Super Mario Bros. World 1-1, we spoke to Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka about its creation.

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