Fallout Shelter Rooms - list of rooms, sizes, where to build and best room layout

Every room and what they do in Fallout Shelter.

Room placement in Fallout Shelter is one of the most important decisions you'll likely make in the game. Mirroring games like XCOM, it's all about maximising the space whilst getting the utmost out of adjacency bonuses and extensions, whilst making it easy for your disaster-fighting dwellers to get around.

Here on this page, we'll be taking you through the best place to build rooms, and the specific function each room carries out so you know what each room does, and can plan your Shelter to the height of efficiency.

Where's the best place to build rooms?

The most important factor to bear in mind for room placement is space. Each room - Barbershop and Elevator aside - can be upgraded up to three times, and most expanded up to a maximum of three spaces along by placing copies of a certain room adjacent to one another. Doing so earns you additional storage and resource yields, and also allows means a single dweller can work a room thrice the size of what they would have before the expansion, making it the most efficient way of laying out.

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You can also only demolish a room if it doesn't connect one to the next, meaning that once you've placed a few down, rearranging your Vault can quickly become a costly exercise. With that in mind, on starting out you should aim to leave space for at least three of each major resource-earning room - the Diner, Water Treatment, and Power Generator - wherever possible.

What's more, each room has a particular SPECIAL stat assigned to it, meaning some Dwellers are going to be more effective in working there than others.

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List of Fallout Shelter rooms and what they do:

Room SPECIAL Dweller Population required Purpose
Vault Door - - Initial defence against attackers which can house guards
Elevator - - Allows movement between floors and vertical expansion of the Vault
Living Quarters Charisma - AT Grants additional max population
Allows for breeding
Power Generator Strength - Produces Power
Water Treatment Perception - Produces Water
Diner Agility - Produces Food
Storage Room Endurance 12 Increases storage capacity for weapons and outfits not in use
Medbay Intelligence 14 Produces Stimpaks
Science Lab Intelligence 16 Produces RadAway
Radio Studio Charisma 20 Attracts Dwellers to the Vault from the Wasteland
Nuclear Reactor Strength 60 Produces Power
Garden Agility 70 Produces Food
Water Purification Perception 80 Produces Water
Nuka-Cola Bottler Endurance 100 Provides both Food and Water
Weight Room Strength 24 Trains occupying Dwellers' Strength
Athletics Room Agility 26 Trains occupying Dwellers' Agility
Armory Perception 28 Trains occupying Dwellers' Perception
Classroom Intelligence 30 Trains occupying Dwellers' Intelligence
Fitness Room Endurance 35 Trains occupying Dwellers' Endurance
Lounge Charisma 40 Trains occupying Dwellers' Charisma
Game Room Luck 45 Trains occupying Dwellers' Luck
Barbershop Charisma 50 Allows customization to Dwellers' hair and facial hair
Overseer's Office - 18 Makes Quests available for out-of-Vault exploration
Weapon Workshop - 22 Crafting weapons
Outfit Workshop - 32 Crafting outfits

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