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Calcified Fragment XXXI / 31 - battle made waves

This is only available in the King's Fall Raid.

In Golgoroth's Cellar, before the Golgoroth fight, you have to travel through a series of dark passages. Take the first left, then the next left, until you reach a dead end. The Fragment is hidden behind some rock on the right.

Calcified Fragment XXXII / 32 - Majestic. Majestic.

This is only available in the King's Fall Raid.

Immediately after you have defeated Golgoroth, head down the passage. Take the left path when you have the opportunity, and it'll be up on a ledge above you.

Calcified Fragment XXXIII / 33 - When do monsters have dreams

This is only available in the King's Fall Raid.

Between the Golgoroth and the Daughters of Oryx fights is a platforming section where thin pistons punch out of a steep wall. When you first enter here, look down the ledge below, and you'll see a ledge with a piston. Carefully drop down, wait until the piston has treated, and it's housed just behind.

Calcified Fragment XXXIV / 34 - More beautiful to know

This Fragment requires you to open the mysterious 'Scent of the Worm' chest that's in the Mausoleum, located in the upper left ledge after a series of invisible platforms above the wide chasm. To do so, you need to catch the scent and quickly speed your way to the chest.

When you get the Scent, get going!

To catch the scent, enter the same room as where you found Fragment III / 3 (with the crashed ship behind you in the Mausoleum, go along the left wall and enter the second room down. Crawl through the tight passage on the left). Wait here until you enter a specific status effect named 'Scent of the Worm'. Now quickly make your way over those platforms before the timer runs out. It's one of the more challenging Fragments in the game because of this; you can save a little time by cutting across a bonus invisible platform housed between the room and where you jump off the right-most ledge to the first set of invisible platforms, but otherwise it pays to learn the general layout of the platforms so you don't have to keep checking your Ghost. Re-tooling your equipment and sub-class to make you faster will also help, but otherwise, practice makes perfect here.

Calcified Fragment XXXV / 35 - This Love Is War

This is near Fragment X / 10, in a passage just off the Hall of Souls (coming in from Hull Breach, go into the first passage left - it's a little hidden and surrounded by cobwebs, and you almost have to come back on yourself to enter). At the end of the passage, you'll find a slow-opening chest surrounded by 'Taken Consumption', which will damage and kill you before you have a chance to open it.

This is the Taken Consumption chest.

You need to be immune while opening the chest, and you can do this in one of two ways. The 'proper' way is to find an Interloper Relic in one of the surrounding rooms after a Taken encounter. One such room is to the right after entering the Hall of Souls from the Mausoleum area. If you spot Acolytes worshipping, then kill them and take down the Taken the spawn in behind them. Afterwards, a Relic should spawn in their place. Grab it, and make your way to the above passage (remember the passage is accessed by jumping off the front end of the Court of Oryx, and to the left) and it'll keep you safe while you open the damaging chest.

The other, much easier way, is to pop a Super (such as the Titan's Shield) just before you start to open the chest, letting you take more damage than you usually would. If you re-spec your character to make the Super last longer, and time it correctly, then the Chest will open just before you die.

Calcified Fragment XXXVI / 36 - Eater of Hope

This Fragment is one of the more convoluted in The Taken King, requiring up to seven days of play to discover.

The first step is getting a Charged Agonarch Rune. To do this, you need to find a special set of Taken that appear within the Dreadnaught, indicated by a hovering orb that spawns a several rounds of enemies and an yellow bar Ultra. The easiest location is in the Hull Breach where you begin, on the right just round the corner, otherwise there is another in the Mausoleum, up the slope next to the crashed ship.

Find floating orbs - like this in the Hull Breach - to activate your Agonarch Rune.

Do this once to receive a Agonarch Rune, and then repeat the encounter once a day for seven days until it is fully charged. Note that you can speed this up by giving the Rune to a different character and killing a set of enemies, so you can charge it in three days.

Once it is fully charged, then go to The Founts. Drop down, turn right round the corner, and through the crack at the end. Use the Rune on the chest, which will spawn a Taken encounter in the central area (turn around, then take a left down the passage from where you can to reach it). Kill all the enemies here, and the Fragment will be inside a chest as your reward.

Calcified Fragment XXXVII / 37 - shapes : points

Another convoluted Fragment requires a 'Skyburners Command Pass' to enter a locked door. To earn one, fight Cabal on the Dreadnaught until one drops a 'Skyburners Command Beacon'. Use this on the terminal to the left as you enter the crashed ship in the opening Hull Breach area (in other words, all the way over and directly ahead of you when you start), spawning some challenging enemies. Kill them all, and you'll receive the 'Skyburners Deployment Codes'.

You're not quite done yet. Go to the Mausoleum, and stand up the hill with your back to the crashed ship. On the right side, you can see a room up above the slope that you can leap into.

Here's the room you need to leap into to use the Skyburners items.

Go inside, and use the 'Skyburners Deployment Codes' on the console. You now to have to complete three missions - killing enemies, getting to waypoints - back-to-back within time limits. After the final mission, you'll get the 'Skyburners Command Pass', which you can use on the door to the right of the console where you previously used the 'Deployment Codes', featuring a chest with the Fragment.

Calcified Fragment XXXVIII / 38 - The partition of death

This Fragment has you open one of the Dreadnaught's many mysterious chests. The opening steps are not dissimilar to Fragment 37; kill Hive within the Dreadnaught until one drops the 'Wormsinger' Rune'. Now, use it on the console in the Hull Breach, located on the right wall before you head to the Mausoleum area, to spawn some high level enemies. Kill them, and they'll drop a 'Wormfeeder Rune'. This requires you to kill 50 enemies within the Dreadnaught without dying (easy enough if you just loop round familiar areas) to then drop a Key.

The Key you receive is random, but will correspond with one of the many chests within the Dreadnaught. Here's what keys go where:

  • Akka chest location: Hall of Souls, when you enter from Hull Breach, go in the first door on the left, where you'll find the 'Taken Consumption' Chest required for Fragment 35. Ignore that, and crawl through the passage next to it to reach another room, where the chest is located.
  • Eir chest location chest location: Hull Breach, going into the room in the far corner, and hug the left wall through the passages
  • Gnashing Teeth chest location: Hall of Souls, inside the Court of Oryx
  • Maggots Chest chest location: Mausoleum, in the same place as Fragment III. With the crashed ship behind you, go down the left side and enter the first door after the set of steps. Crawl through the left passage then up the ledge. Spawn chest location - Mausoleum, taking the invisible platforms (use your Ghost to see them) across the chasm to the far right platform
  • Ur chest location: Hull Breach, from where you start in Patrol, drop down the left ledge and enter the room behind you
  • Xol chest location: Hull Breach, in a room in the middle of the far right wall, in-between the Mausoleum and Hall of Souls passage entries
  • Wyrdling chest location: Mausoleum, in the first room on your right as you enter from Hull Breach
  • Yull Chest chest location: Hall of Souls, starting at the Court of Oryx, leap over the platforms to your right, until you reach a chasm. Pop your Ghost to reveal invisible platforms, and leap your way up to the upper right ledge

Calcified Fragment XXXIX / 39 - open your eye : go into it

Calcified Fragment XL / 40 - An Emperor For All Outcomes

Calcified Fragment XLI / 41 - Dreadnaught

Calcified Fragment XLII / 42

All four of these Fragments require you to complete all possible Tier 2 Court of Oryx combinations, accessed by spending a Stolen Rune (dropped from Tier 1 events, Dreadnaught chests and purchased from Eris Morn in the Tower, which then has to charged with three Tier 1 playthroughs). These are:

  • Bracus Horu'usk + Cra'adug and Mengoor
  • Krughor + Cra'adug and Mengoor
  • Krughor + Vorlog
  • Vorlog + Lokaar

Each Tier 2 encounter is random, so you have to keep playing until you find them all. As with all Court of Oryx encounters, it's worth playing alongside others to increase your chances of finishing within the time limit. With friends is best, but you can better matchmake with randoms during a Patrol by walking - and not running - when going from the Hull Breach area to the Hall of Souls.

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