Titan Souls: how to beat Vinethesis and Obello

Our guide continues as we journey into the mysterious forest, where the tentacle-tacular plant boss and hallucinogenic mushroom boss await.

From the sanctuary's main elevator in the centre of the map, head north-east until you reach the area surrounded by thick trees. Follow the northern path leading into the forest and activate the checkpoint glyph when you find it. This mysterious area contains numerous enchanted paths - and you'll need to explore it thoroughly in order to encounter the two titans hidden within.

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How to kill Vinethesis, the plant boss with the huge tentacles

To locate Vinethesis, head east from the checkpoint glyph and stop in the next area. Next, head west, travelling back the way you just came. Unexpectedly, the checkpoint is suddenly nowhere to be seen now. Instead, you should be in a different area with stone steps leading north. Climb up them and continue onwards, passing over the small bridge and up the steps ahead. Enter the doorway, then fire your arrow at the huge plant-like titan to begin the next battle.

As soon as the creature awakens, it extends four tendrils out into the room and emits a cloud of poison. Shortly afterwards, it begins rotating clockwise, slamming its tendrils down as it spins. There's a pattern to its movements but the most important thing to note is that, after the third slam, the creature changes direction, rotating anti-clockwise until the eye-like petal on its body - which you need to hit in order to access its weak spot - faces south.

Thankfully, you don't need to get involved with Vinethesis' pounding tendrils, as there are several blind spots around the room that you can hide in, safely out of the titan's reach. Best of these is the wall to the south. Hug that and you'll easily escape the tendrils' wrath - and be properly situated to fire an arrow at the creature's eye as it swings back around to the south.

One thing to watch out for though is the titan's poison cloud. This will slowly drift toward you if you stay in one place for too long. It won't harm you, provided that you don't linger in its fumes for long. As such, simply roll back and forth between the left and right corners of the southern wall until the titan's eye has rotated to its starting position.

When the eye faces south again, quickly move north and, as the titan begins to inhale, launch an arrow straight at it. If you miss for some reason, return to the southern wall, retrieve your arrow, then repeat the process over. If your strike is successful, however, the creature will flash white and the nearby poison cloud begins to dissipate.

Immediately hold down the attack button, as you would to retrieve your arrow. This causes the titan's eye petal to drop down and exposes the weak spot inside. Once this happens, the creature starts spinning clockwise, so quickly roll back to the southern wall and begin working your way around the room, travelling anti-clockwise as close to the wall as possible. This should keep you out of the tendrils' clutches, but make sure you stay vigilant and dodge to safety if necessary.

As soon as you reach the eastern wall of the arena, turn around and aim your arrow to the west. The petal doesn't stay open for long, so immediately release your arrow once the creature's weak spot swings into your line of sight. If you hit your target, the titan will fall. If you miss, however, you'll need to try again, watching out for the tendrils that wilt and block your path as the battle drags on. Once the creature is dead, consume its soul and leave the arena.

How to beat Obello, the mushroom boss

Back at the forest checkpoint glyph, head west and take the path north in the next area. When you reach the large stone column surrounded by mushrooms, head north again and continue forwards, passing through the large doorway to confront the next titan.

Attack the motionless mushroom to begin the next battle and be ready to dodge clear immediately as it leaps towards you. Always roll away from Obello's leap attacks: if you try and dodge under them, the creature will slam straight down, killing you instantly.

Whenever Obello hits the ground during the fight, several spores shoot out from its body, travelling a short distance before disintegrating. Unsurprisingly, touching a spore will kill you, although you can safely roll through the trails they leave behind. After the titan has performed three leaps attacks, it starts violently jumping up and down on the spot, firing out multiple spore clouds, so keep your distance when this happens.

To defeat Obello, you need to launch an arrow at the eye on its trunk. Each time the creature hits the ground, its eye rotates one notch clockwise around its body (with a complete rotation taking eight turns), so your goal is to dodge the titan's spores, wait for its eye to rotate towards you, then hit it with an arrow while the mushroom is on the ground. Needless to say, perseverance is key here, but victory will be yours eventually. When the creature is dead, consume its soul and return to the main elevator in the centre of the sanctuary.

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