Titan Souls: how to kill Gol'Set and the Soul

Prepare to travel beyond the sanctuary gates, as we take on a fist-pounding, laser-spewing stone guardian and the final, familiar boss.

Once you've massacred the four starting area titans, plus another seven of your choice, the large stone doors to the north of the sanctuary elevator will open. Head on through, then climb the steps beyond, continuing north into the next area. Eventually, you'll reach another elevator, this one taking you to the sanctuary's upper level. Hop on and, when it comes to a halt, head north through the nearby doors. Next, make your way up the steps and head either left or right as the path splits.

Both directions take you out onto a rain-drenched platform. Activate the checkpoint glyph to the south, then ascend the steps leading to the large central area.

How to beat Gol'Set, the fist-pounding, laser-firing Guardian

The battle against Gol'Set begins as soon as you reach the centre of the platform - so be ready for the creature's deadly laser attack, which thunders toward you almost immediately. Dodge out of its way and keep watching for the stone fists that home in on your position, attempting to crush you flat.

After the initial laser strike, Gol'Set fires a second laser that sweeps in an arc from the left to the right, then a third that travels in the opposite direction. After this, the laser's attack pattern resets, so be prepared to roll out of the way when it fires towards you again.

Your goal during this battle is to coax the two stone fists into slamming down on the buttons that lie to the east and west of the platform. If both buttons are pressed simultaneously, a mechanism triggers on the guardian and its weak spot is revealed. It's worth noting at this point that the right-hand fist will only activate when you're on the right-hand side of the platform, and the left-hand fist will only activate when you're on the left. You can use this to your advantage while setting about accomplishing your goal.

Begin by standing on one of the buttons until a fist flies overhead. Just as it starts its descent, immediately run to the other side of the area. If you're fast enough, the fist will deactivate and simply rest in place atop the button. You should repeat the trick to press the second button - and then be ready for several things to happen at once.

First, the guardian statue lowers and a circular hole on its body slides open, revealing the glowing weak spot within. At the same time, both fists will home in on your position, attempting to mash you to a pulp. Shortly afterwards, a powerful laser blast spews from the hole and, finally, the machine resets.

In order to hit the guardian's weak spot without being squashed or fried, you should immediately roll into the centre of the area once the fist comes down on the second button. From here, roll north to escape the first fist that attempts to crush you, then roll north again to escape the second fist. That should place you directly below the glowing weak spot, giving you a minuscule amount of time in which to unleash an arrow shot before the laser fires. Do it correctly and victory is yours. Do it wrong and you'll be dead. Once the guardian is defeated, consume its soul to proceed.

How to kill the Soul, the game's final boss

Head north, climbing the newly revealed staircase, and continue into the next area. Activate the checkpoint glyph once you reach it, then make your way up the steps for the final confrontation.

To begin the sequence, launch your arrow at the swirling cloud of souls. Once it shatters, consume the scattered souls and watch as the main protagonist separates in two. Now, it's time for the human you to take on the doppelganger you.

Launch an arrow at the white figure in the centre of the platform to begin the battle, and be ready to dodge as it fires its own lightning-fast arrow at you. This is the creature's main attack and it continues throughout the fight. However, just like you, the Soul can only fire again once it has reclaimed its arrow - so use the moments between strikes wisely.

After the Soul's initial attack, four projectiles burst from its body. These begin moving to the north, south, east and west, but soon curve around and attempt to home in on your position. You should keep an eye on these throughout the fight, as contact with any of them is deadly.

To defeat your doppelgänger, you need to hit its real body with an arrow when it briefly separates from its soul form (look for the dark figure that intermittently zips away from the glowing white shape). You can either shoot the creature when it separates of its own accord, or you can force it out by flinging an arrow at its soul form. Either way, you've got a tiny window of opportunity in which to strike, so you'll need to work quickly to land a hit.

A word of warning: if you miss your target and fail to retrieve your arrow quickly, the Soul will attempt to grab it for himself. If successful, the creature launches the arrow back at you, causing it to ricochet off the walls around the room. You'll need to wait until it comes to a halt before you can collect it again. What's more, if your opponent's arrow is on the ground when you attempt to retrieve you own, both will be sucked towards you. Expect to die if the Soul's arrow strikes you.

On the upside, once you manage to hit the Soul's exposed body, the battle - and the game - is over. Simply consume the creature's soul to bring proceedings to a close.

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