Crown of the Ivory King - Second Knight of Eleum Loyce, Nicholai, Demon Rabbits

Don't enter the fight against the Ivory King without these powerful allies. Here's how to track down the second of these useful combat friends.

This section of the guide complements the overall Eleum Loyce guide.

Go down the bridge and then enter the building on your right. Use the lift to get down to the next level down, where you'll have to fight a trio of Demon Rabbits. When they're dead, take the Goldenfruit Balms and the Monastery Charms from nearby.

Go through the gap on the other side. Veer right until you can spy the next Demon Rabbit, then kill it using your ranged weaponry. Take the Twilight Herbs located to the right of the pillars, but keep your eyes peeled for another rabbit - fire a ranged attack at it.

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When you leave the pillars you'll be invaded by Nicholai. Don't go too far ahead as there's another Demon Rabbit waiting for you, as well as some Wizards. Kill the invader, then take care of the rabbit on your right. Grab the Old Growth Balms from near the creatures, then enter the more open area to deal with the Wizards. Play it cautiously and you should be able to pick off the first one without alerting the other two.

Over on the far right of this zone are another pair of rabbits, and there's another waiting for you just a little further along. Kill them all and take the Amber Herbs from by the arches. You can't go through the nearby door from this side, so head right for now and climb up the ladder.

Straight ahead of you is a chest. Open it and take everything inside, then go as far as you can to get two Magic Stones. Turn all the way around, then go through the door on your right to light the next bonfire. Go back towards the chest, then take the door on your right.

Go upstairs to start another invasion, although bear in mind that if you attack the enemy he'll run downstairs. Keep going through the door and then into the next building. Walk down the corridor here, go through the next door you come to, then interact with the lever to open a gate. Get back down to ground level once more, inch towards the gate, and be ready to fight the invader properly.

He'll use a series of brutal and rapid attacks, so don't let your guard down for a minute. You should find it fairly easy to get in behind so as to deliver a critical hit, but this beefy fighter has a pretty high health bar, so it might take you a while.

When the invader's dead, walk through the gate and keep making your way along until you can jump down to a lower level. Grab every item, and then get ready for a tricky fight. It's well worth killing all these creatures, however, as you can get your hands on a powerful Ivory Warrior Ring by taking down the slug-like creature.

When the slug spots you, two rabbits will charge in as well. Kill them as quickly as possible so you don't take too much damage from their spiky backs. When the slug gets near, it'll lunge at you and inflict a huge amount of damage. Circle-strafe your way around this creature, dodging every bit of damage you can, and only counter-attack when it's safe to do so. Take this fight slowly but surely.

Now make your way to the far corner of the room and go up the passage here. Run past the rabbits and get into the open area up ahead. Now turn around and deal with the creatures one by one. When they're both dead, go down the left-hand tunnel to open up the door by the pillar section - a handy shortcut if you need it. Now go back to where you were and explore the other tunnel.

Kill the Demon Rabbit up ahead with a ranged attack, but be ready to fight a second rabbit that spawns when you do so. When they're dead, stay in the tunnel and fire shots at the Ice Golems - they'll struggle to get inside, making it much easier to finish the pack off. You only have to worry about one of these creatures, as the remaining two won't attack.

When the coast is clear, leave the tunnel and head left until you see another Demon Rabbit. Attacking it draws a friend into battle too, so kill them both and then head towards the item you can see on your left. When you get to it, look right and kill the Demon Rabbit before picking up the Charcoal Pine Resins.

Now carry on around the corner to your right and grab the Pharros' Lockstone. Next, enter the building, use the lift to get up to the next higher level, then go left until you see a trio of Frozen Giants. Pull one of these creatures back to the lift area using a ranged attack - they'll struggle to enter this area, making it much easier to finish them off.

When these three monsters are dead, go up the hill and kill the fourth Frozen Giant. Keep going, killing the Demon Rabbits you encounter, then deal with the pair of giants waiting for you at the very top.

Head around the building killing any enemies you encounter, and looting any items you see sprinkled around. Just make sure you clear the area before picking up your spoils, as its easy to fall foul of an ambush.

When you've gone all the way around the building, go upstairs and open the gate to find your second Knight of Eleum Loyce. When you walk up towards him he'll teleport back to the Cathedral. Go back to where the three giants where, then go over to the other side of the bridge where you'll find loads of goodies, including Azal's Staff. Head back to the last bonfire you rested at.

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