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Crown of the Ivory King - Eye of the Priestess, Holy Knight Aurheim, Black Ice Knights, Inner Wall

Our essential guide to tracking down the elusive Eye of the Priestess, and making those invisible enemies a good deal easier to finish off.

Go downstairs and you should be able to see another flight of stairs further along. Carry on down them, then walk down the path and take the stairs on your right.

The Eye of the Priestess can be found at the top of these stairs, and it will allow you to see Aava, the King's Pet. You'll also be able to spot the Black Ice Knights, as well as those handy summoning spots. If you want to get stuck into that fight straight away, head to our Aava boss fight page, otherwise go back down the stairs and around the corner. You'll see another set of stairs ahead of you.

A Black Ice Knight is waiting for you at the bottom of them though, so either pull him towards you with a ranged shot or charge straight in. When he's dead, go around the corner but be ready to deal with a charging Rampart Golem. When it's dead, carry on down the path, and take the pile of Alluring Skulls as well as the Skeptic's Spice. Go upstairs and then pass through the misty door on your left.

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The moment you reach the other side you'll be attacked by a Retainer Mage, while a bonfire lies just ahead. Get into cover right by this bonfire and finish off the Mage. Be careful where exactly you move to, however, as you can easily pull a Frozen Warrior from the path above. Fight that creature afterwards, then light the Inner Wall bonfire.

Go down the corridor away from where this pair of enemies were. Interact with the lever to open up the next door along, then head right into a corridor that leads to a new room. Use a ranged shot on the Frozen Soldier you can see to pull it out, then do likewise with both of the magical enemies.

Head inside the room and kill the remaining Frozen Soldier, although be aware that you may possibly draw the attention of the Warrior at the same time. If you do pull them both, get up into melee range and deal with the danger quickly, otherwise their projectiles will cause you some serious harm. Ignore the chests for now as they're frozen - but note that the left-hand chest is a Mimic and will attack when you come back later.

Leave the room, and then go up the stairs to your right. When you get to the next floor up you'll spawn a Holy Knight Aurheim invasion, but he's further up for now and can't harm you. Take the Dried Roots, then go up the stairs.

When you reach the top you'll be attacked by a pair of Frozen Warriors. Go back downstairs and kill them in the section you've already cleared. Now go back upstairs and kill the Wizard. Next, kill the Ice Golem that spawns. When that monster's dead, attack both of the inactive Golems, but do not kill either of them until the other one is close to fatal damage - when one dies, the other wakes up, and you don't want to fight them both at once. When all three of these horrible creatures are dead, take the Curved Nil Greatsword from the nearby chest.

Holy Knight Aurheim

Go through the next door and then head upstairs. You can interact with the chest at the end of the corridor up here, but be aware that the invisible Holy Knight Aurheim will attack you as you approach it. Be ready to get out of the way fast, as a critical hit from behind will probably wipe you out.

The good news is that he'll become visible as soon as you land one solid whack on him, or force him to dodge out of the way of your weapons. Once you've killed the knight and looted the chest, go through the door in the centre of the hall, then head upstairs. At the top you'll be able to jump down to get at the entrance to the first boss fight - you want the left hand door.

You can find the rest of our Crown of the Ivory King walkthrough from the first page of this article.

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