The final mission of Watch Dogs has a final post-credits dilemma for you, but before you reach that point you'll have to deal with an extremely aggressive police presence. We'll walk you each step of the way through this brutal final fight.

Sometimes You Still Lose

- Reach the bunker

- Locate Damien

- Gain entry into the central ctOS building

Walk into the bunker to start a cut-scene, then begin making your way towards the next mission marker to catch up with Damien. You'll be interrupted on the way, and instead be redirected to the main ctOS building. Just watch out for the red markers that appear as you drive through the environment. Damien has control over much of the city, and these warnings signify that he's tinkering with a trap. Bridges and pipes are particular favourites of his, so stay alert at all times.

As soon as you get to your destination, walk to the south-eastern side of the building and approach the door. Interact with the hacking point to start yet another of those mini-games, but this time around you'll be locked out of the system after making your first move. The key to solving this tricky puzzle is in fact to be very fast.

First, turn the central lower-left point once. Then turn the upper left-hand corner point once. Now unlock the upper-right point. Go back to the starting position and turn the point once, then return to the upper left node and turn it a single time. Go back to the upper right point again and turn it twice, then turn the point in the lower left-hand corner once.

Move back to where you started the hack and turn it once more. Now unlock the lower-right point. Turn the starting point once again, then turn the lower left-hand point a single time. Turn the central point a total of three times, then the upper right and upper left-hand points once. Now just turn the bottom-left point a couple of times, before doing the same to the upper-left point.

- Upload T-Bone's virus into the ctOS

Just to make life a little bit harder, Damien's now directly hacking your GPS system, and so you'll see a dozen or so markers flashing on and off on your map. You'll see on your screen, however, that all of these markers have nonsensical names, apart from three that read 'Hack'. These are the locations you need to reach. If it helps you navigate the city, these are the three ctOS centres you've unlocked so far.

You've also got to deal with a massive police presence - expect every single helicopter and squad care at the city's disposal to come your way. You can disable the helicopters with your skills, and use Blackouts to cause even more chaos for your enemies. You can also turn the tables on Damien a little, and use those bridges and pipes to create a nuisance for the police.

Avoid the authorities as best you can, and work your way through all three hacking points, uploading T-Bone's virus at each one. As soon as you've finished your third and final hack, it's time to head back to the main ctOS building.

- Shut down ctOS

Once you've installed the virus, things get a little calmer in the city. You'll no longer have every last copper on your tail, and Damien's now locked out of the grid entirely. Make your way back to the main ctOS building, then complete the hacking mini-game when you arrive.

When you're done, swap over to the camera that's in the upper right-hand corner of the room, then hack into the point that's right in front of you. Click on the uppermost point in this hotspot, then disable the system using the satellite.

- Use a boat to reach Damien

Make your way back outside, then run down the stairs on your right to get at the boats on the pier. Use one of these boats to get to the next mission marker - the lighthouse - then go upstairs when you arrive and get inside the lift. When you reach the upper floor, simply walk though the door and into the lighthouse itself.

- Find Damien

Go upstairs, then climb the ladder you come to. Go all the away around to the opposite side and climb the next ladder. When you get to the top of the lighthouse, you'll trigger a new cut-scene. Be ready to perform a hack when you hand over your mobile, then deliver a rapid takedown shortly afterwards. All you have to do now is shoot Damien and you'll complete Watch Dogs single-player campaign.

- Walk away or shoot Maurice

There's just one small piece of business to take care of now. Once the credits have finished playing, you can choose to either shoot Maurice or simply walk away. Whichever path you choose, congratulations on finishing the game!

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