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Our step-by-step walkthrough for the final mission of Watch Dogs' third act will help you grab the server data and take down Iraq with ease.

The final mission of Act 3 ends with an explosive showdown with Iraq, but there's plenty of sneaking around to be done before you get stuck in that final fight. We'll guide you through every step as you infiltrate Iraq's server-room, download the server data, then head into battle.

By Any Means Necessary

- Enter Rossi-Fremont

Begin the mission, then head into the restricted zone via the south-eastern approach - this will ensure you avoid the worst of the enemy presence. You can avoid even more of these guards by simply hugging the eastern wall of the building as you approach the door, marked on your map as a waypoint. When you approach it, you'll start a phone call with T-Bone, then take out and activate one of those handy Blackout devices. The moment the door opens, just slip inside.

- Reach Iraq's server room

Make your way upstairs but just be aware that there's pair of guards waiting for you up there. Don't think you can just charge straight into the lift and ignore them either - when you get near the lift, plenty more enemies will charge back at you and join the fight.

There isn't really a stealthy solution to this section of the mission. We recommend running into the room where the two guards are waiting, then simply blow them away with the best firepower you have. When they're dead, get into cover on on the left-hand side of the room, then wait for the next pack of guards to arrive.

Take them down one by one when they appear, then get into the lift and head up. Be ready for an ambush by two guards when you arrive at the next floor. Kill them, then hack into the camera that's on the wall over to your right. Now hack into the panel that's right in front of you. Walk up the concrete debris until you're on the next floor up, then get into cover and kill both of the guards who arrive.

Keep going all the way around the corner and head towards the next marker on your mini-map. Now interact with the unlock panel that's right in front of you. Walk through the door, then kill the next set of guards you come to. When they're dead, climb up the ladder just a little further along, and kill the next enemies you see.

Carry on climbing all the ladders you can, killing enemies as you go. When you come to the next panel, walk through the door and pinch the nearby cash and crafting goods, then keep moving from one mission marker to the next, killing anyone who gets in your way. As soon as you reach the final unlock panel, simply walk through the door to tick this objective off the list.

- Download all server data

- Leave the Rossi-Fremont

- Follow Iraq

- Take down Iraq

- Eliminate Iraq's personal guards

- Eliminate Leave Rossi-Fremont (again)

Make your way into the next room along, then activate the unlock panel and carry on heading forwards. Eventually you'll come to the mission room, where you should commence the main hack. As soon as the data download is finished, make your way towards the next waypoint. You'll trigger a cut-scene, which will start your next objective to trail Iraq.

Get up onto the roof where Iraq will chat for a while, then get ready for an ambush. While Iraq's talking, use the opportunity to grab all of the crafting materials and ammunition that's littered all over the roof. Get into cover, then use your mini-map to determine which way the newly arrived enemies are looking. Kill the first wave, listen to Iraq talk for a while longer, then get ready for a fight.

An armoured guard will show up first, and you're going to need to use the most powerful weapons and explosives you're packing to kill him. The good news is that he's very slow, so just keep moving between different cover points to avoid taking lots of damage. Kill him as quickly as you can, because Iraq will join the fight after a certain amount of time. When he shows up, change targets, kill Iraq nice and fast, then return to the guard. When both are dead, you'll finish both the mission and Act 3.

You can find the rest of our Watch Dogs mission guide from the first page of this article.

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