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Jedi Academy confirmed

Ravenous, on PC and Xbox

As we recently reported, there's a new Jedi Knight on the horizon, and Activision finally confirmed the news late this week. As expected, players will not control Kyle Katarn in Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (which has lost its numbering, as you can see), but an apprentice at Kyle and Luke Skywalker's Yavin 4 training facility. Players will rear their own young Jedi, RPG-style from scratch, with custom species, gender, clothing, physical attributes and lightsaber design giving players a wealth of options.

A neat feature is the inclusion of better hilts, colours and functions for the lightsaber, unlocked as the player progresses, along with the usual array of weaponry, from wookiee bowcaster to EMP gun.

The game is reportedly 60-70 per cent complete and Activision says it will be out in time for Christmas. Notably a Cube port of the game has not been mentioned, despite the release of Xbox/Cube versions of Jedi Knight II late last year.

Source: GameSpot

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