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Jedi Knight 3 details revealed

Let's keep this simple...

Picking through a sizeable plate of tasty Jedi Knight 3 news on IGN, we managed to pick out some of the juicy morsels to save you from having to wade through an unfortunate amount of hot air. To summarise:

Raven will be developing it

Much of the development staff from the previous titles are working on it

The game is 60-70% complete, and is on track for release this year

It will be based on the Quake 3 engine again, and will somewhat worryingly re-use many assets from the Jedi Outcast

Instead of being Kyle Katarn again, users will be able to create their own Jedi-in-training, but the extent of character customisation is not yet known

The game will alter depending on the player leaning towards the dark or light side of the Force

There will be lots and lots of weapons, and added emphasis on saber combat with different varieties available including two-fisted, double-edged, and possibly other types

Some forces and abilities can be used in conjunction with others, like using two force powers at once, or a force power and a weapon; a two-handed combat system also seems a possibility

Some controllable vehicle action

Right, that's that out of the way then. There are no details on platform, but this was in IGN's Xbox news section, so we're thinking at least PC and Xbox, perhaps with GameCube and PS2 version thrown in for good measure. I mean, why not eh?

Source: IGN

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