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Art students get Primal

When pretension and gaming attack

Back in February we reported on Sony's intention to host an art exhibition in conjunction with the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, featuring art from Studio Cambridge's Primal alongside submissions of work based on the game from art students at universities all over the country.

Fast-forward to the present, and SCE UK has now announced the PlayStation 2 Creative Award 2003, and "renowned" British artists Dinos & Jake Chapman and Marc Quinn will be on the judging panel for the award. Excited yet? Joining them to wade through the piles of imagery, like a band of overworked GCSE art teachers verging on nervous breakdowns, will be - deep breath - Phil Harrison, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Executive Vice President of Development [his business card must be heavy -Ed]; Chris Sorrell, Creative Director at SCEE Studio Cambridge; Philip Dodd, Director of the ICA; and George Finch, Senior Lecturer in Computer Animation at Bournemouth University. Aaand relax.

Apparently designed to recognise fresh talent from UK universities, as opposed to an attempt to gain Primal some serious consideration as a work of art (snigger), nominations for the award will be taken from work submitted to exhibition, entitled "Primal Art - portrait of the artist as a video gamer".

The exhibition is running from the 6th - 9th April 2003 at London's Institute of Contemporary Arts, and more information can be gathered from the official Primal Art website.

Why wasn't ICO given this treatment, eh?