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Paul Anderson to direct Driver

Surprise, surprise

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Infogrames has confirmed news reports that circled earlier in the month that Driver is to be made into a film by Impact Pictures - a subsidiary of German independent production and distribution company Constantin Film, you'll no doubt be enthralled to discover.

And it's no wonder that Infogrames is excited. "With more than 12 million units sold worldwide, Driver is Infogrames' best-selling game to date," the press release beams. With mission-based driving games all the rage at the moment and no sign of a GTA movie, Driver gets to wave the cinematic flag for the world's most popular genre.

Developer Reflections is also pleased. MD and Creative Director Martin Edmonson commented that "the audience for Driver has grown steadily over the last three years because the game combines exhilarating action with a compelling storyline. That makes for hit games and should make for a terrific movie."

"This is a great opportunity to develop the extremely cool game character of Tanner into a memorable movie figure," the movie's producer Jeremy Bolt adds. "With Tanner and Tobias Jones, we can create two very believable and iconic action movie heroes." We think he should look up the definition of 'iconic'.

Infogrames also confirmed that production starts in 2003, and that the movie will be in the hands of Paul W.S. Anderson of Resident Evil fame, since it's his production company, with a screenplay by James DeMonaco, Todd Harthan and James Roday.

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