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Driver gets the film treatment

From headlight to spotlight

Congratulations. The fuss kicked up about Reflections' Driver 3 has apparently convinced Impact Pictures to pick up the film and TV rights to the game from Infogrames. Let's face it; it can't be anything to do with the game's most recent instalment on PlayStation one…

The news comes via the Hollywood Reporter, which also speculates on the team behind the film. Resident Evil director Paul Anderson is thought to be considering a role here, which wouldn't be so bad, while Jeremy Bolt will act as producer, having previously also worked on Resi, and films including Event Horizon and Kurt Russell's rather tedious Soldier. Robert Kulzer is also said to be involved, although the Reporter doesn't specify in what capacity (we're guessing exec. producer from his IMDB page).

Meanwhile, the screenplay is said to be in the hands of Todd Jason Harthan (who seems to have been an "assistant production coordinator" on "Crossing Jordan" and nothing else) and James Roday (who has enjoyed an equally impressive array of acting roles, our favourite being Max in "Repli-Kate").

To be honest, we grow tired of reporting Hollywood's attempts to turn popular games into films, particularly when they totally ignore their own industry's precedents in the selfish pursuit of dollar signs. Who on this planet needs another undercover cop/driving movie? Who honestly believes artistic ambition drove this purchasing decision? Who thinks it is anything other than an attempt to cash-in on the summer 04 release of Driver 3, which Hollywood clearly views as a GTA-style title, and thus, a dead-cert money-spinner? Oh well, at least it won't be set in LA or anything - Driver 3 is packing us all off to Miami, Nice and Istanbul.

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