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Sims Valentine's Orgy

Not a new expansion pack

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EA has revealed that more than one million romantic gestures were exchanged in The Sims Online throughout Valentine's weekend. That's one million kisses, hugs, dances and marriage proposals combined. Sims also spent millions of Simoleans on romantic items including love tubs, love seats and 'wedding-related objects'. And we thought the build-up was amusing.

"The Sims Online was the place to spark a romance and celebrate the Valentine's holiday," said Chris Trottier, lead designer. "Love continues to blossom in The Sims Online as friends create romantic hideaways and nurture relationships."

Ok, that's a good start, but our favourite bit of the press release is the, um, testimonies of a group of young Sims Online players whose "character names have been changed to protect player's privacy". And to spare their blushes, we expect.

"Sim Chloe daBear and Sim Simmy Sam were real-life friends in high school. When they went away to separate colleges they needed a fun way to keep in touch. Sim Chloe is a long time player of The Sims, so she suggested The Sims Online to stay connected with Sim Simmy Sam. They are now roommates working together to remodel their online home and keep in touch with each other's lives. They celebrated Valentine's Day by inviting friends over for a housewarming party." "Sim Johnny met Sim Terbyn at her house when he first entered the world of The Sims Online. She was very helpful and they quickly became close friends. During their courtship they shared many romantic dinners by the fireside, danced the tango, and got invited to in-game parties as a couple. After seeing an in-game psychic to validate their relationship, Sim's Terbyn and Johnny learned that they were destined for each other. They were married on Valentine's Day."

The Sims Online still hasn't been given a firm European release date, but we'll be bringing your our thoughts on the US version next week. And more of this sort of thing, if it continues.

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