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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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More Sims for console owners

Now it's official

The Sims are on their way to both Xbox and GameCube, EA has confirmed in a press release, after rumours circulated the net a couple of weeks ago. The game is released on PS2 tomorrow in Europe, and we've just this morning reviewed it. It's very good.

"Bringing The Sims to the Xbox and Nintendo GameCube gives players the opportunity to play The Sims on a variety of console platforms," Maxis' Sinjin Bain points out for the benefit of those without a brain. Or, as is perhaps closer to the truth, it gives EA a couple of new revenue streams for the enormously successful former PC game.

As the press release waffles on, it becomes clear that both versions will be carbon copies of the flagship PS2 release. No surprises there then, and plenty to look forward to for Xbox and Cubists this spring.