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The Sims' console holiday continues

But are they vacationing on Xbox and Cube platforms?

The Sims could be on their way to both Xbox and GameCube, Internet reports citing pre-order initiatives and distribution schedules are speculating.

Although both EA and Maxis have refused to comment on the reports, The Sims found its way onto a Nintendo of America GameCube release schedule, and the ESRB has already rated both versions according to its website. As you might recall, similar sightings of ESRB ratings gave birth to the story of Red Faction II on other consoles - reports recently confirmed by publisher THQ.

And given the quality of the PS 2 conversion, it's hardly surprising that EA wants to eke a few more dollars out of the seminal PC series.

The Sims on PS 2 is due out in Europe on January 31st. If the Xbox and Cube versions are confirmed, expect to see them in or around March.