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Take-Two wages Jungle War

More Flash-based promotional toys support Vietcong

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Releasing passable top-down, Flash-based strategy games built for the net is a growing tradition amongst publishers as we soar through the tickertape into 2003. And, argues Take-Two, what better way to promote a game about the Vietnamese conflict than a game about the Vietnamese conflict?

Take-Two is heralding Vietcong as a potential Counter-Strike beater (it actually says that in their marketing docs), but until February 21st you can get stuck into Jungle War, which launched at just before we packed things in for the festivities a few days ago.

Viewed from directly above, you have one character to your name and between none and several human-controlled teammates. Your little fellow is little more than the top of a helmet to you, but you can move him any which way and attack others using the mouse. The key is that you can only perform actions every five seconds - forcing you to think about what you're hoping to accomplish.

The game is registration-only but you can also download the game to play on your desktop, and it seems that there's a healthy community of players growing with 103 players online at the time of writing - i.e. 09:43 on a Thursday when even we have little excuse to be bunking off work.

Vietcong is due out on February 21. A recently released demo is available here.

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