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Vietcong MP demo sneaks out

Watch out for Charlies in the trees!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Czech Republic-based developer Pterodon (in association with Hidden & Dangerous developer Illusion Softworks) has finished work on the multiplayer demo version of Take-Two's forthcoming FPS, Vietcong. The 72MB multiplayer-only demo (for up to 32 players) features traditional deathmatch and CTF modes along with a new one; Protect The Pilot. Weapons range from M-16s and AK-47s to shotguns and more, and the demo has so far proved quite popular - if the swamping of Take-Two's official download site is anything to go by - and a cursory evaluation suggests that it's very richly detailed, with nice weapon and character design, lush environments and crisp sound effects. Fodder for your sub-woofer.

Fortunately, a number of mirrors are already up to make up for demand. As well as the official option, the 72MB demo is mirrored at WorthPlaying, 3D Gamers, Tiscali and FileShack.

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