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UT2003 patched

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, what’s the difference?

Proving once more that slippage can apply to anything, Epic has finally trotted out the first patch for its Unreal Tournament 2003 demo. The 3MB download can be picked up via the demo's in-game auto-update feature, but for those of you who like to keep a hard copy, our friends at blueyonder have once again chipped in with a speedy download location. Interested in what this patch does? Apparently it fixes support for the Voodoo 3 and Matrox G400 cards, as well as "initial framerate hitches in network play". Other fixes include updates to the screen browser and the quashing of several potential crash bugs including denial of service options. Always handy! Related Feature - UT2003 demo patch and tips

Source - Blue's News

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