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UT2003 demo patch and tips

Tim Sweeney speaks

Having trouble with the UT2003 demo released over the weekend? No, unfortunately I can't help you with the process of hauling its 100MB bulk between the narrow bands of your modem cable, but if you're simply having a few operational misfirings, Epic Games' engine developer Tim Sweeney might have the solution for you. To begin with, DirectX 8.1b "needs" to be installed to play it, although this writer is pretty sure he's still running and playing with vanilla DirectX 8.1. Anyway, users of all Microsoft operating systems besides Windows XP can pick that up on Microsoft's DirectX website. Unfortunately for you, XP users, your keenness to upgrade means that Uncle Bill expects a full service pack update from you chaps. Head over to WindowsUpdate and prepare yourself for a long haul if this means you. To counter a few bugs which crept into the demo release, Epic will be offering a small patch for the demo sometime yesterday... according to Tim's Saturday evening update, via the game's auto-updating feature. Other problems which the Epic team has burnt the midnight oil quashing this past weekend include a server-side browser fix, and the chaps have also moved the master server list to a much faster machine off-site because it was crashing unceremoniously under the burden of a worldwide UT2003 rampage. As ever, we're told, you can submit bugs to ut2003bugs@epicgames.com, and a number already submitted will be fixed by the first patch or added to the list of things to fix. Finally, Epic has erected a page dedicated to frequently asked questions. Related Feature - UT2003 demo released

Source - Epic Games