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UT2003 demo released

Something for the weekend...

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Unreal Tournament 2003 was one of the biggest attractions at ECTS, and it didn't even have its own stand. The UT2003 tourney on NVIDIA's concourse drew crowds, but we also saw UT running on Intel's machines at the other end of the room. It's a popular game, and now this popular game has a soon-to-be-popular demo, and just for you chaps, we have an unswamped download location of which to take advantage. The UT2003 demo consists of four maps (two deathmatch, one capture the flag and one bombing run), and features most of the weapons which appear in the full game. The only catch is that it weighs in at a stupendous 100MB. Then again, it's a sizeable chunk of playtime. So, quit your lollygagging this fine Saturday morning and get some hot smoking shrapnel inside you. You can download the UT2003 demo from our friends at blueyonder right here. Related Feature - Unreal Tournament 2003 screenshots

Get fragging, kids!

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