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EA confirms Xbox and Cube Frontlines

Yeah okay, not really ‘news’, but how does the addition of multiplayer grab you?

Electronic Arts have officially announced the existence of Xbox and GameCube versions of Medal of Honor Frontline, and in addition to the widely respected single player adventure the team behind the ports will be chucking in a 2-4 player split-screen deathmatch mode. EA has promised the games "this fall" in the US, a curious period which straddles autumn and winter in these climes, and we'd expect to see it over here in the spring. There would be little point in EA's throwing it into the already packed winter schedule this year. EA has also released a number of screenshots of the Xbox and Cube ports, including a couple of Xbox shots which showcase the multiplayer aspect. The screen is split horizontally, and the level of detail in these shots alone is arguably on a par with, if not superior to the PS2 version. Related Feature - Medal of Honor: Frontline review (PS2)

Source - press release