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More on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Details on those systems and what they do

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Arguably the most agreeable thing Square has done in ages, developing a brand new Final Fantasy Tactics game for the GBA has brought with it a myriad technical questions from cautious fans about the ins and outs, and since we first caught a glimpse of the stunning game artwork and plot basics, we've learnt a bit more about how the various game mechanics will operate. However, with these details come more and more questions. Damn you, Square! The first bit is the Judgement System. Quite simply, a judge will determine the victor of a battle, which suggests that conflict isn't quite as finite as with other Fantasies, RPGs, action games and virtually anything else we can think of. Clearly the rules of chivalry will be alive and well in the lands of FFTA. The Kuran System, however, is a bit easier to get your head round. A Kuran is a multi-purpose handyman, apparently, and in FFTA the player can become one and take on a number of jobs. Lastly, we found out some more about the enigmatic Region Create System - FFTA does not feature a pre-ordained world map. At this we made one of those deliciously onomatopoeic, quizzical noises which doesn't work on paper. We should have waited for the next bit. The reason there's no world map is that the player can create the world map on his or her own. Yah, we get it. Honest. Related Feature - GBA's FF Tactics is sequel not port

Source - Madman's Cafe

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