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GBA’s FF Tactics is sequel not port

Details seep from Square’s development team

The first concrete details and artwork from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance have appeared on the Internet, and as speculated it will be an entirely new adventure, from characters and plot to artwork and featureset. FFTA will scrap the PSOne version's rotatable 3D engine as was anticipated, using an isometric 2D engine, which may or may not rotate - that remains to be seen. However, the plot seems to concern a couple of young chaps, the strong-willed Mash and his timid young friend Myu, and a young and intelligent lass named Ritz. Reports indicate that the three are clawed back into FFT's medieval setting from the modern day, and have to make their way like three particularly large fish out of water. There are said to be three new systems in the game; Judgement, Kuran and Region Create. We don't know too much about those at this stage, but "Region Create" sounds like it could be along the lines of Ogre Battle's terrain changing system, where water rose between terms to alter the layout of the battlefield amongst other things. Or, it could be something completely different. Expect to see lots of speculation all over the place until this appears in Japan in time for the end of Square's financial year in March.

Source - The Magic Box