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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Mr Turok, I presume?

Acclaim's marketing department strikes again

Acclaim's marketing department has been working overtime in recent months, from the bizarre suggestion of advertising the abysmal Shadowman 2 on grave stones to a phoney attempt to beat the world record for queuing by getting some poor sap to sit in a tent outside the Electronics Boutique on Oxford Street, London. And that's not to mention the replica T-Rex claw and Turok easter egg (cute) we've received from their PR department so far this year. This time the publisher's UK office is confident that they've "topped the lot" though, by announcing that they're looking for five gamers to get their names changed by deed poll. In exchange for spending a year as Turok, each will receive an Xbox, a copy of Turok Evolution and £500 cash. Which sounds like scant compensation for the ridicule which would be heaped upon them, not least by us. Of course, the whole thing is a bizarre PR stunt, just like the "deadvertising" (how many Shadowman grave stones have you seen?) and record queue attempt (which apparently fizzled out within hours), but if you want a laugh, more details should appear on tomorrow. Acclaim's Shaun White is quoted as saying that "we are looking for applicants who want to experience the kudos of being pioneers in advertising, who are willing to step beyond the leading edge of marketing practice". I tell you what, change your own name to Turok and then we'll talk... Related Feature - Oi, nutter

Source - Ananova (thanks st3ph3n and Mentat .. or should that be Turok and Turok?)