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Oi, nutter

Fifty day wait for Turok could land world record

Ok, so it's a blatant PR stunt, but it's such a bloody stupid story we couldn't resist... With the European release of Turok Evolution now just over fifty days away, some bloke by the name of Jason Read will be forming a queue this week in an effort to be first in line to buy a copy of the game from the Electronics Boutique on Oxford Street, London. Apparently it's an attempt to smash the world record for queuing for a computer game (or anything else, we'd imagine) by some twenty days. "I've been a huge fan of the Turok series and was excited to see that a fourth game is being released later in the year", Jason (old enough to know better) is reported as saying. "This gave me the perfect excuse to make my record-breaking queuing attempt and I'm fully committed to going all the way." To aid Jason in his quest for glory, Acclaim will be providing him with a "state of the art" tent (don't ask) fitted with all mod cons, including a TV and games console powered by a mobile generator, which should let him sit around all day playing other Acclaim games while he waits for the next Turok to arrive. Frankly we'd be amazed if he still wants to even look at another videogame by the end of this ordeal. We'd be even more surprised if someone hadn't stolen the console by the end of next week. Oh, and if anyone spots poor Jason still camped outside Electronics Boutique on the morning of September 6th, be sure to jump the queue and grab the first copy. Bwuhaha. Bwuhahahahaa. Sorry, where were we? Oh yes. Bwuhahahahahahaaa... Related Feature - Turok Evolution interview

Source - press release