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TOCA Drivers

Latest trailer focuses on story and characters

One of the things which Codemasters are hoping will make TOCA Race Driver stand out from the motor racing crowd is the fact that it's more than just the on-track action you need to worry about. Fictional characters will be included in the line-up, with a story mode following your progress both on and off the circuit as young hot shot Ryan McKane. Race incidents, pit lane mishaps, heated arguments and romance are all on the cards if the fourth and final teaser for the game is anything to go by. Featuring the requisite one minute of in-game footage, the aptly named Characters trailer shows brief clips of some of the game engine cutscenes starring Ryan McKane, his team mates, rivals and love interest, as well as the inevitable cast of curvaceous grid girls. If you want a taste of what we can all look forward to on August 23rd, download the latest trailer from the TOCA files page on Codemaster's website. Related Feature - TOCA has a fender bender

Ryan goes postal on one of his rivals.