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TOCA has a fender-bender

Latest trailer shows off damage system

The latest teaser trailer for Codemasters' forthcoming TOCA Race Driver is now available from their website. Simply titled "Damage", it does exactly what it says on the link, showing you what happens when your race comes to an abrupt end. Let's face it, the first thing any true gamer does when he gets a new driving game is go around the track as fast as he can in the wrong direction, collecting as many cars as possible along the way. [Remind me never to let you drive - Ed] And that's pretty much what this trailer shows - a whole minute of wild spins, spectacular collisions, flying bodywork and insane pile-ups as the player takes his car into a variety of corners way too fast, and comes out the other end in a cloud of debris. All of this mayhem comes courtesy of the game's Finite Element Modelling damage engine (if that means anything to you), which apparently simulates the deformation of a car's structure during the course of an impact, knocking both internal components and external bodywork out of shape in a realistic manner. Which is all very exciting, but what you really want to know is, does it look good? Grab the Damage trailer from the TOCA downloads page and see for yourself. Related Feature - TOCA Trailer #2

And if you think that looks bad, just wait 'til you see some of the damage in the trailer